About Us

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About Us

Reliable Surface and air Disinfection Service In The United States

VIruStar LLC offers reliable and highest quality surface & air disinfection and sanitization services throughout The United States. All of our staff members have years of experience working in disinfection jobs and we ensure to provide you unmatched disinfection service at competitive pricing. We offer disinfection service for any kind of property in The United States, be it residential or commercial. We use a unique patented system to offer our clients a solution to bacterial and viral contaminants.

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Company Mission

ViruStar LLC is a renowned disinfection & sanitization service provider and we aim to deliver the highest quality disinfection and sanitization service for all the residential and commercial clients throughout The United States. We use a unique proprietary system, which is EPA registered. Unlike any other disinfectants, it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals to disinfect.

Why ViruStar LLC?

We Use a unique multifunctional, long-term antimicrobial HVAC surface and air protection system that:

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